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How Would You Like To GET An OUTRAGEOUS Amount Of Qualified Traffic That Would Actually Generate Sales For Your Blog?

Watch Out! Vegas Blogger Reveals His Laser Targeted Traffic Secret And How He Made Money From His Blog!!!

From The Desk Of:

(AKA Vegas Blogger)
Las Vegas, Nevada



     Man! Blogging rocks don't you think?... I am dead serious! It seems everyone I know is blogging or they have a blog of their own. Have you noticed this or is it just me?.

     I was watching Fox News the other day and Bill O' Riley said www something and this guy was actually promoting his Blog on national television, can you believe that?

     YES! even big name celebrities are blogging too! Either for their personal use or for business WHY? Because people like to read blogs it's fun and interactive, you can post a comment, ask a question, express your feelings and so on.

     People like blogs because it' more human and is frequently updated. So blogging is really powerful stuff if you incorporate this with your business. I've seen many big names in "Internet Marketing" that are starting to blog too.

     This just tells you this is the way to go on making money online. Well I am qualified to tell you that (Ahem!!) yes it is. I've been in internet marketing since 2004 but I didn't really start blogging till September of 2007. So as of now I've only been blogging less that a year.

     YES! less than a year and yet the numbers on my screenshot above look pretty good right? Well I will tell you this "Blogging" is the way to go for making money online and it's the future. BUT many will not make it. Did you hear me? That's right, many people will start their own blog and  will not make it.

     OK! I hear you asking "WHY Is That Albert?" You see now a days it's easy to just slap a blog like Blogger or Wordpress together and you can even set this up for free and start blogging right away. So you get yours setup and you start blogging like everybody else.

     Months later nothing happens so you run a PPC campaign and spend a couple hundred dollars, no big deal, but still nothing happens. Now you've invited people to exchange links with you and still nothing happens.

     You've checked your Traffic Statistics and you have plenty of traffic now you're starting to get pissed you off because still Nothing is working! Nothing and Nothing!!! 

     No Leads, No Subscribers, No Customers and definitely NO SALES! So what the heck is going on? They say it's easy to make money from blogging but why can't I make anything?...

     Do you want to know WHY? I'm sure you do...

     Because your traffic is NOT targeted it's as simple as that! Think about it... lets just say you have one million visitors on your blog today and these people are specifically looking for shoes and you're selling an eBook about cars.

     Well common sense tells you they're not going to buy from you because they're not looking for this. They don't care about your eBook about cars they want some shoes and they want it now, get it?

     NOW! check this out let's say you have 100 targeted visitors meaning they're looking for your eBook about cars, since they're targeted traffic it's easy to convert  and 12 out of 100 buy your eBook worth $37.00 that's $444.00 in sales right there with 12% Conversion, that's great!

     You see what I mean here?

     What you need is Laser Targeted Traffic that will actually produce sales. These people are actually looking for your product all you have to do is tell them "Hey! I have what you're looking for!" and guess what? They'll buy it, pretty simple right?

     Well I guess the big question is HOW and WHERE do you find this Laser Targeted Traffic so I can make money and make money fast? OK! that's a legit question and that is right the more targeted traffic on your blog the more you're going to make money.

     OK! let me ask you this, have you ever been fishing? (let me use this analogy so it's easy to understand and take out all the technical lingo). When you go fishing for specific fish let's say  you're trying to catch a shark you use the right hook and right bait so you can catch this particular fish right?

     Then the next step is to find where this fish is hanging around. Once you find them all you have to do is put your hook down with bait on it, then the fish will bite it and you get them hooked and that's how you catch the fish.

     This is the same method on how and where to find your targeted traffic. So How? and Where?  are you going to find this Laser Targeted Traffic, where are they at?...


      YES! this is the same method that I used to Generate Cash day after day and month after month and like what I said earlier you don't need massive traffic to make money from your blog all you need is Laser Targeted Traffic.

      This eBook is like my personal notes I put everything in here that I did to make money from my blog and what really works for me. You will not find this strategy or content in my eBook anywhere else because this is my Personal Story and how I made money from my blog.

Even though some people are successful running a PPC (Pay Per Click), Google       Adwords my eBook is NOT about pay per click. I will not teach you this because first I  don't like adwords my self and I am not good with all this keyword technical stuff plus it takes too much time and money.

Article submissions can really help drive traffic to your blog/site but my eBook is NOT about this. There's plenty of FREE information already about this and you can find it all over the internet.

But the thing about article submission is it takes too much work, writing articles and submitting them to all article directories plus you have to be careful of duplicate content, it's just too much for me.
Definitely my eBook is NOT about Link Exchange... No I am not going to tell you to buy a software for link exchange and beg everyone to exchange links with you even though all this can actually benefit you in the long run but my eBook is not about this!
I will not tell you to buy traffic either. My eBook is NOT about this and buying traffic is not targeted anyways and is just a waste of time and money, So no this is not about buying traffic.
No I don't mention anywhere in my eBook about joining a safelist or anything similar like joining a website in exchange for some traffic. I have no experience with this method so I can't tell you about this.
OK! this is NOT about building your downline either or some kind of MLM strategy. I have had a bad experience with MLM so I will not mess around with it, and I am terrible doing this kind of stuff anyways!
NOW! I will NOT tell you to recruit a bunch of affiliates that will promote your blog/site. Although this is a good concept, I don't talk about this in my eBook.
My eBook is NOT about JV (Joint Ventures) I did not write this in my eBook and most definitely I will not tell you to eMail all the big shots and GURU's in your niche and ask them to JV with you and promote your products, But actually this is a great idea right?
My eBook is NOT about submitting your site to the search engines or paying a service to submit your blog/site to any directories, this is not about that!
This is NOT about offline advertising either most of my strategies and methodology in my eBook are online, So I will not tell you to advertise in your local News Paper or Nifty Nickel, nothing like that.
Most Definitely this has nothing to do to some kind of Black Hat, White Hat or whatever hat it is. I will not be involved in anything illegal just to get traffic, that's a NO! NO!.

     Like what I said earlier Vegas Traffic Jam! is the EXACT Method that I used to generate Laser Targeted Traffic and convert this into sales. It is actually like my personal notes that I wrote about what really works for me and as you can see on the above screenshots this method really works.

     You will NOT find this information anywhere on the planet Vegas Traffic Jam is something that I developed myself and this methodology is the same method that big Casinos here in Las Vegas are using with their marketing and how they drive laser target traffic to their Casinos.

     You see if you think about it Las Vegas is like an internet and all these casinos are like millions of website on the internet and they get their fair share of traffic to make their casinos and business successful and make money.

     Folks these casinos spend Millions of dollars with their marketing and they can get  Laser Targeted Traffic (a customer that will spend money) to their casinos and what their doing is actually working and has been working for so many years. I know I live here, also I worked for MGM Hotel & Casino the largest hotel in the world at that time.

     I was a Butler in room service at the MGM for five years. I studied how they did it and I applied it to my blog and guess what? It worked YES! it really worked. but you know what?  I am not surprised at all because like what I said casinos spend millions of dollars on this and it must work or they wouldn't keep doing it.

     That's why casinos here are popping up like mushrooms every three months we have a new opening, even when the whole world economy is in a slump and that's how I know this thing works.

     That's why VEGAS TRAFFIC JAM! was born! and in this eBook I will Reveal My SECRET on how I got Laser Targeted Traffic and converted them into buyers and folks this is how you make money online by having people on your blog that are actually willing to buy what you're selling.

     Yeah! forget about all that Massive Traffic that won't do anything except take your bandwidth away...

     I see it all the time people show off their traffic statistics and how their graph went through the roof and the numbers are millions of visitors. All HYPE? The way I look at it is when my PAYPAL is filled with SALES then my traffic is great.

     OH! you know what though I can show my traffic stat too! But the big difference is this is LaserTargeted traffic that is responsible for the Paypal screenshot above.



In my eBook I Revealed My Secret about, Vegas Traffic Jam! You'll find out how I developed this Powerful Strategy and when you put this into action can really drive targeted traffic to your blog/site that will actually convert into buyers.

This is the same method I’ve been using to generate more Laser Targeted Traffic, Sales and Subscribers with out spending tons of money in pay per click (PPC) or online advertising.

I'll also talk about "The Power Of ****** " this strategy it's so Powerful and Effective even big companies are using it. Actually even internet giants like Google and all major search engines are still using this concept.

Oh! my wife was watching Oprah Winfrey and to my surprise she' also using this concept as well.
I'll also explain the "Vegas Traffic Jam ******* !" (Very Important) in great detail and break down in pieces so it's easy for you to follow and understand and once these are implemented you'll see a huge impact on your blog and you will start attracting this Laser Targeted Traffic to your blog.
Also in my eBook I share this Gold Mine where I dig  for (Gold) Laser Targeted Traffic you'll see first hand where to get this crowd of buyers that will buy your products and divert this straight to your blog.

This is the same information I used and made me money on the internet.

I also  Reveal My Secret, about Web 2.0 Traffic Vegas Style Baby! For many of you that don't know that Vegas has been doing this Web 2.0 Traffic & Marketing thing for over a half century that's why casinos are so rich because of this.

We invented the Traffic here in VEGAS! you know!

I also show in my eBook how a blog post after implementing Vegas traffic Jam! can bring you Laser Targeted Traffic and will work like clock work, day after day and month after month.
I also show in my eBook how this Wordpress Plugin that I personally use really helps me utilize or automate my SEO, It's like an SEO on auto PILOT.
OH! also I have a video link in every topic in the eBook so you can actually see how all these things work. It's a link that will lead to a video, and there's is 11 video's that are linked to my eBook.
Also in my eBook I have plenty of Golden Nuggets for You! These are the tools, resources, plugins and techniques I personally use for my blog and just one of these things can make your blog explode!!
All these things that I talk about and show is the 100% EXACT Method I personally used. I didn't miss anything and this is responsible for all of my screenshots above and as you can see it is consistent sales day after day and month after month.
I can talk more about my eBook but I want to surprise you so just wait till you read it.!! And Much, Much More!!!!

With All This Great Information On How to Get Laser Targeted Traffic I Regret To See You Miss Out! So I Really Want You
To Get This eBook So You Can Put Into Action
And Duplicate My Success.

I Have Been A Witness To His Success

For those that know Albert this eBook along with the Bonuses is a no-brainer, so I am sure you will enjoy everything.

It's the first time Albert gives his soul THAT much to a product so expect to enjoy the REAL facts he shares along with his how-to instructions.

For those that do NOT know Albert I can tell you that I have been a witness to his success and observed what he had been doing for reaching his current status.

He describes everything on the letter inside his eBook.

Personally I respect MORE the guides that show with proofs how to generate a steady income online instead of those "marketistic" suggestions that *promise* you an unreached Heaven on Earth and millions of dollars.

Life'd be easier if those promises were valid.

If you agree with me and want to learn how! then do yourself a favor and grasp the eBook (and the bonuses that speak for themselves) for as long it's available.

Well done Albert.

John Delavera



VTJ Goes Further In Ideas So Simple

Hi Albert,

I've finally read all the information and watched the videos on Vegas Traffic Jam. I finally understand the simplicity of and the power of social networking. VTJ goes further in ideas so simple, but not covered via other experts, that my head is sore from slapping it.

I've been playing around with web sites for 8 years. There's a lot of fluff offered re: getting a site up and succeeding at marketing, that I've wasted hours on end.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are info products that are very expensive and are oriented towards those already making $5,000 to $25,000 per month.

With Albert, I've spent less, and learned a lot more. Get the templates (I like the 2.0 and Simple Templates); buy theinstructional video series; buy Vegas Traffic Jam.

I knew quite a bit about building web sites and internet marketing, but I was making mistakes, and not-quite-there in the graphics/marketing look.

There aren't many mini-site gurus who also know graphic arts. Look at how ordinary most info product sites look, even though the copy is great.

That's why Albert's sites look so good and entice you to buy...the most important desired result! It works for Albert and it will work for you. Me, too once I incorporate everything I've learned.

Thanks Albert,
Art Derfall




Brings Unique Insights To The Table

Hi Albert,

With Vegas Traffic Jam, Albert Hallado brings to the table his years of experience working around Las Vegas Casinos and Hotels and absorbing the marketing techniques that are deployed and refined there.

With his Unique Insights, Albert brings you tried and tested methods that you too can use to bring lots of targeted traffic to your website, even if you think you’re just “an average Joe” or newbie.

I am proud to have Albert as “my biggest fan” and very good friend.

Thanks Albert!

Odinn Sorensen



Hi Albert,

I am one of your subscribers, I read your blog all the time and I must say you always provide valuable information and I've learned a lot from you.

But your Vegas Traffic Jam actually shocked me after reading it.

You show how to do everything and it's straight to the point, I also love the videos inside the eBook they're very informative.

I've never seen your strategy before and it's very easy to implement and this is actually going to give me lot's of Laser Targeted Traffic.

Thank you so much you always come up with products that makes everyone's life easier.

Vegas Traffic Jam truly cut to the chase and puts you on the fast track to getting Laser Targeted Traffic that will convert.

Minisite Designer From Italy
Bruno Jr. Esposito


Hi Albert,

I've gotta say that I was hesitant about picking up my copy of Vegas Traffic Jam at first. I've purchased so many useless eBooks in the past. But I know that you deliver as promised products, so I got my copy anyway.

And I am so glad that I did. I devoured the first half of it within the first day! I loved how you use Craigslist and all the other little "tricks" to generate a Traffic Jam for your blog.

I now believe that anyone even thinking about building a business online, should definitely pick up a copy of Vegas Traffic Jam!

God Bless,

Keith Akin





Hi Albert,

I purchased this a few weeks ago and have started implementing what Albert sets out in this eBook.

What’s nice is there a nice little video links dotted throughout the  eBook that go into a bit more detail and literally take you by the hand and show you the techniques he uses.

I really recommend this, especially if you’re just starting out and at the beginning of your blogging career.




Hi Albert,

Hey! Buddy you know you've always create great products but this Vegas Traffic Jam! is going to make it big on the internet and I know so after reading it and watching the video's

there's no doubt that this is going to be the next Best Seller eBook as far as getting Laser Targeted Traffic. Your methodology is awesome and it's easy to implement and I know I will get the same results as you! Great job Albert and please keep creating products you are a big help to everyone.

I Highly Recommend This Product!

Beau Penaranda
Internet Business Coach



Hi Albert,

Just a note of thanks.

I know you'll have plenty of big names telling people how good your VTJ product is....

But I wanted to let you know that even non-techies like me will love it. I have bought so many products that show how to get more traffic to my blog - and they nearly all lost me at some point.

I wrote this all off to my lack of techie skills, (I write copy, and I'm a sales & marketing guy - not a geek!)

Well FINALLY - after watching the videos that are strategically placed throughout your eBook... Things make sense!

In fact one of the parts you mention I've actually had for months but I had no idea how simple it was to implement...lol

I really am thrilled to have got a copy of VTJ - and have already taken a heap of notes of easy things I can now do - plus I'm ordering a new design after seeing your video on structure.

(seriously - even that requires I outsource it... I'm hopeless at
the tech side of things!)

Thankfully - every other thing you mention looks so easy by just following you along... I can't wait to start working through my notes and taking action on your recommendations and instructions!

I have no doubt that my traffic will increase many times thanks
to VTJ.

VTJ is definitely a 'keeper' Albert... and I will be taking action based on your advice!

Thanks Again,

With my Warmest Regards

Randy Smith



Hi Albert,

You are truly a Very Generous Person!

I have seen a lot of marketers offering courses full of “Training Material” they designed (or had created for them) which was intended to teach the customer how to become successful marketing on the internet.

charging anywhere between $97.00 - $997.00 for this information. Most of them do contain very valuable information but usually fall short on the instructions needed to implement their ideas.

This is Definitely Not The Case With Vegas Traffic Jam!

You have detailed Every Step, Every Tool, and Every Link that will be needed for your readers to duplicate your success to the “T”.

And one thing that really stood out while I was reading VTJ was the Lack Of links to products that would cost me more money. Almost every link you show has a note that states it is Free or not an affiliate link.

That really shouts out that you truly want to help your customers learn how to profit by building their own VTJ.

A job Well Done indeed Albert!

Your Friend
Edwin Green


Hi Albert,

I have bought many products from you and love your design skills. You produce unique high quality products.


Albert takes time to answer emails so he gives excellent customer support. It's rare that somebody will take the time to talk and answer questions.

You can trust Albert's integrity and his willingness to help.

Robert Reuter "Black Belt Bob"




Hi Albert,

Hey man, you've really nailed it!! I wasn't so sure at first though. When I first started reading your method, I thought it was going to be fluffed up around the concept of giving something away for "free"....

I thought: "Yeah, yeah, we all know we should give something away to get subscribers....how is this going to give me TRAFFIC though?"

Well, you certainly answered that question and more. Your built in videos really drive home some key points as well. I think you did a great job putting this whole thing together...seriously.

You're right, it's not about the give away. It's all about the set up. The vids really spice things up and make it crystal clear "HOW" to properly set yourself up for tons of traffic. Free is the "WHAT"...you do a great job explaining the "HOW"!!

I appreciate the fact that you make it so easy for beginners or advanced marketers to understand what you are talking about. You pieced this together masterfully.

Thanks for all the suggestions. Gotta go...I need to go back and take some notes from your videos. Great Job Albert. Take care.

Jason Anderson



Just in case you're still wondering if this is for you, Well the way I see it you can figure it all out your self, spend hundreds of dollars, countless hours of trail and
errors or GET THIS! and start Getting Laser Targeted Traffic that will
Convert Into Sales and Make You Money!!!


About My Satisfaction Guarantee!

I've been creating HIGH-QUALITY Informational Products and OUT-OF this world Graphic Designs at incredible prices. I can guarantee that all my PRODUCTS are High Quality. I put my Name, Heart And Soul into creating these. Some of you that know me know I Sell Quality In All My Products.

Because the nature of my product is downloadable and you're getting the entire package and all the great bonuses I'm sorry to tell you that there are NO REFUNDS. We do this to protect its value and our customers 100%.


You See I Always Over-Deliver And Am Looking Out
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((I Reserve The Rights To Change Or Take Out This Bonus At Anytime!))

Joel Christopher is known worldwide as The Master List Builder and the best-selling author of Mining Online Gold With An Offline Shovel.

He has spoken in front of thousands of audiences in the U.S. and Canada and has shared the stage with many marketing legends such as Ted Nicholas, Jay Conrad Levinson, Joe Vitale, Mark Victor Hansen, Joe Sugarman, Robert Allen & Mark Joyner.

He recently demonstrated the power of a huge opt-in email list when his co-authored book "Mining Online Gold With An Offline Shovel:

How To Build A Massive Online Mailing List By Mastering Offline Promotion" zoomed to the top of the Amazon.com best-seller list just 13 hours after it was published.

Only the pre-release of the latest Harry Potter book beat it to the number one position.

International best-selling author and radio talk show host Mike Litman recently nicknamed Joel Christopher the "Tony Robbins of Internet Marketing" and Randy Gilbert of the "Inside Success" show called him "The Michael Jordan of Internet List Building".

He built and grew his own opt-in list to more than 160,000 Subscribers in just 4 years and on the way to that figure there was one period where he tripled his list to over 30,903 in only 99 days.

Today, Joel is on the cutting edge of training and development in the Internet Marketing industry by creating & producing home-based, interactive, hands-on MasterListBuilder Coaching webinar programs and Live MasterListBuilder Hands-On Training workshops held in San Antonio, TX.

Update: To this day Joel Christopher has Over 200 K Subscribers and still counting...


Folks if you want to build your list faster you need to read this interview so you can duplicate Joel Christopher's success in list building.

In this interview I asked Joel Christopher a few key pointers that many marketers want to know! LIKE:

Why it is very important to build your
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Is there a way or strategy to build your
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How do you make money with your list?

And Much More!!

YES! there's 11 video that are linked or incorporated inside the eBook I  have a video for almost every topic to explain, elaborate and to see the actuality.

You'll Also get these 30 Wordpress Themes (Super Adsense Theme) these templates are really amazing and have all the things that can help your blog get more traffic. They're also designed for a making money theme.

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Special Report To SureFire Your Traffic

In this Special Report you'll learn very important Tips & Strategies that you can easily implement to SureFire your Traffic! below is just a sample of what's inside:

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    And Much Much More!!

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Over 30 minutes of informative conversation (MP3) by Albert Hallado and Beau Penaranda discussing web 2.0 traffic strategy business and personal experience as far as web 2.0 traffic and how they generate targeted traffic to their blog/site.

Topic Discussion Include:
       Web 2.0 Traffic
       Google Adwords PPC (Pay Per Click)
Article Marketing
Craigslist Advertising
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This Bonus Include:
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       HTML File: index.html and Squeeze-Page.html
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